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The Great Health Care Debate: Who Receives Acupuncture More, Women or Men?

Who seeks acupuncture more, women or men?

In my practice, the number of women I see is well more than double the number of men. Women’s reproductive systems are more complicated than men’s, thus women are more likely to seek care for hormone-related issues. However, in a family practice such as mine, this should not account for the high proportion of female patients.  Given that I treat pain, stress, insomnia, digestive issues–really anything related to inflammation, where are the men? I know that men are active, have pain and injury, experience stress and insomnia, so how are they treating themselves? Or are they?

I often hear from women that they are trying to get their male partners to try acupuncture. They love it, and just know that their partner would also love it. More often than not, it’s the wife or girlfriend who makes the appointment for her partner.  When I probe my female patients as to why their partners are hesitant to try acupuncture, they typically tell me that their partners don’t like going to the doctor or are afraid of needles. As some women describe it, he’s got to have his arm dangling from his body in order to seek medical attention.

This begs the question, what does it take to reach out to men? Do men need to be in crisis to seek medical care?

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One thought on “The Great Health Care Debate: Who Receives Acupuncture More, Women or Men?

  1. If men knew how great accupuncture felt – and how relaxing it was – they would be lined up out the door! Maybe you need some sort of educational campaign for men – advertising how much it could help all their biggest issues (e.g. pain, sports injuries, low energy/stamina, etc.) and then have some of your male clients give testimonials about how great the treatments have been for them.

    Men also need to know that accupuncture doesn’t hurt! I think they are afraid that it will hurt and then even more afraid that if it does hurt and they show it, they will look like wimps. Show them that “Real Men do Accupucture”!

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