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“I went to Holly for relief from my allergies and the treatments made a huge improvement. I recommend her if you have never tried accupunture and are looking into alternatives to support your health. The experience is very positive and Holly is a skilled practitioner. ” — C.M.***

“I highly recommend going to Holly Boland for acupuncture. I always leave my appointments feeling rejuvenated yet relaxed. The location in the financial district is also incredibly convenient – close to BART/MUNI and 1 block from my office. ” — R. H.***

“I highly recommend Holly for helping keep me healthy.” — L. M.***

“Holly has helped me with so many issues. She is knowledgeable, professional, personable and a true expert at what she does. I have left her office pain free after going in with terrible pain. If you are looking for a good acupuncturist look no further. She is the best!” — W.J.***

“I love Holly N. Boland, MS, LAc! I’ve been seeing Holly for over 9 or 10 years. She is awesome! I highly recommend her.” — E. L.***

“I highly recommend acupuncture with Holly. She is nurturing, attentive and kindly listens to my health concerns. I always leave a session with her feeling restored and grounded!” — J.C.***

“I have been seeing Holly for at least a few years now. I’ve gone for a variety of different treatments, originally for my knees as I was running a lot and also for my weak immune system. I used to get sick every 6-8 weeks with a cold or bronchitis, and now I only get sick a few times a year. I’ve always been a strong believer in acupuncture, but Holly takes it to the next level. You’d be remiss to not see her for treatments – I have referred a few friends to her. — S.W.***

“I’ve been seeing Holly once a month for several years. From time to time, I’ve had severe back pain. Both the acupressure and acupuncture treatments do wonders for me and her regular care has been a mainstay in my continuing robustness. I’m most thankful for her skill and support.” — R.C.***

“Holly is great, she is very experienced, professional, and makes you feel welcome and supported. She really tunes into what is ailing you, and knows just what to do. She uses a pain free method of acupuncture so don’t be afraid you will not feel it. She also starts off by giving you a mini massage to find all the knots and the perfect spots to apply acupuncture. I am so relaxed that I usually get a nice little nap and always feel better. She has treated injuries (herniated disk, sprained ankle, bad knee) as well as stress and my computer neck. She has a lot of tricks up her sleeve so give it a try, you will not regret it.” — S.S.***

“Holly is my awesome acupuncturist. She is very caring, sweet, calming and just full of goodness and awesomeness. She has made a real difference in my health. .” — T.P.***

“Holly is an amazing healer. I have been receiving acupuncture for several years & she has helped me feel better physically & mentally. She pays close attention to personal needs & is now a close friend. I would recommend holly to everyone I know. She is the best of the best!!” — S.W.***

“I love Holly N. Boland, MS, LAc! Definitely book your next appointment here! She offers the ultimate professionalism and care.” — R.J.***

“I’ve only been once, so it’ll take time for Holly to work her magic on my shoulder, but I can say that my visit was fantastic. Her office is very warm and inviting. Holly is sweet and personable, and I immediately felt at ease with her. I’m really looking forward to future visits.” — S. D.***

“I’ve been coming to see Holly for over 5 years now. She has such a healing touch. She works with you in kind, gentle manner on whatever is ailing you.” — C.O.***

“Holly is wonderful. She’s sensitive, intelligent, patient and, best of all, highly skilled. I’ve seen amazing improvement in my stress and chronic shoulder pain through her treatment. I’ve had some awful experiences with health practitioners and I find her super approchable and non-shaming.  I highly recommended Holly to all my friends.” — K. S.***

“Holly is wonderful. Her thoughful, skilled, compassionate approach is reassuring and healing. I have been a client for several years now, cheifly for help with bad migraines. I’m convinced that our regular visits have kept me from having to take daily meds for prevention.” — J. T.***

” I look forward to my regular appointments with Holly. I always feel so relaxed and they boost my immune system and keep me health!” —  C. S.***

“I’ve been going to Holly for over 6 years. She is caring, listens, gentle, and really want to help you be well. I feel so much better after one of my sessions with her. I can’t recommend her enough.” — C. O.


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